Basic Features

Home: 100% customizable Home Page with Slider Images.

External Pages: With this feature you can send the users to any external page such as Facebook, your website, or any other online website, while giving them a button to close and get back to your app easily.

Menu: A selection of different layout menus to suit your own design. You can change from one style of menu to the other with a click of a button.

Skins: Choose from over 200 beautiful skins to create the look and feel for your app.

Languages: Latin based languages (English, French, Spanich…) and Arabic are avaliable.

Tap to Call: Call with one tap, icon and link.

Email: Let your clients send you direct emails.

Custom menu.  Link to your website.  Tap to call.  Direct emails.



Custom Backgrounds: You can add your own custom background image to your app.
CSS & HTML5: Have CSS and HTML5 knowledge? You can easily add a custom CSS and integrate HTML5 to get a more unique app design.
Custom Icons: You can upload your own icons, or use from our gallery.
Icon Effects: Some cool effects to add to your icons with animation.
Intro Screen: You can add any image as an intro screen to your app and decide it’s duration before your app loads.
Page Transitions: Choose from many different and cool page transitions to make your app stand out.

Ready Made Page Templates and Layouts
You can add a slide show to your apps Home page and any other inner page.
Create links for every image in the Slide.
Display your info in a beautiful Tabs format, where each tab can be either text or list page. Good for more easy structures.
Structure example: Category + Item + Item detail (image and information).
Display your info in a visually pleasing accordion display, with a show and hide feature.
Structure example: Item + Item detail (no image).
List Feature allows you to display your products and / or services in a neat list. Each list can be linked to a sub- list for categories and sub-categories, or to any other page. Good for simple and complex structures.
1: Category + Item detail.
2: Category + Subcategory + Item detail.
3: Category + Subcategory + Sub-subcategory + Item detail.
A blank page for you to do what you will.
Photo Gallery: Add unlimited photo albums and batch upload your images using our drag and drop feature. Use Photo Gallery Feature to display your products and services in a beautiful visual slide show.
Audio: Link to any audio file from your servers or from and play the audio within your app.
Video Gallery: Add youtube video links, or vimeo video links to display your videos inside your app.
YouTube Channel: If you have a YouTube Channel, just add the url of your channel and all your videos will display. Any new videos added will display on your app in real time as well.
Vimeo Channel: If you have a Vimeo Channel, just add the url of your channel and all your videos will display. Any new videos added will display on your app in real time as well.
Custom Domain: You can add a custom domain to your web app using your own domain.
Redirect: You can add a script to your website home page so that it redirects to your web app when users view your website on a mobile or tablet.
Ecommerce: Use your website’s API to add products with ecommerce capability into your app.
Website Data: For the technical, you can create a json API for your website and add the url to read all your products directly into your app.
Website Gallery: Create an API to read the gallery from your website directly to your app by adding your api url only. Data will be displayed in real time.
QR Codes: Create multiple QR Codes to promote your app. Download high resolution QR codes for printing.
Online Order: Add online order to your app, where users can easily select items and you receive the order through email. Great for restaurant delivery orders. Needs an api from your website and simply add the url to the page.
Events: Plan Your events in advance, and decide the start and end date. Your event will only appear during the set dates.
Promotions Page: Add coupons in your app and benefit your users.
Scroller Reads titles directly from a selected list and links back to the list item’s details.
Ratings: Have users rate your services, products,and app popularity.
Form Builder: Create any registration, reservation, or contact form. It is easy with the form builder to create simple to complex forms. Results will be sent directly to the email address you provide.
Map Tel Directory: This features allows you to create a directory on google map with a tap to call feature. Add multiple locations by filling your data on an excell sheet and uploading it via CSV file. Customize each location icon individually. Automatic Google map directions.
Locations: Add your location and branches directly on Google map so that clients can find you easily. Google map directions available. You can also add your contact info, address and logo.
Share: Add social sharing and connect to your clients through Social Media.
Search: Filtered search results read from page titles and content.
Page Pagination: Automatically creates a next and previous button for long listing pages.
Native Apps: Create your Apps and convert them to Android and IOS with push Notifications. Submit to Google Play and iTunes.
Store Links: You can create one link that will redirect your users to your google play or apple app store listings depending on their device.
Push Notifications: Unlimited. Send direct pop up messages to everyone that has downloaded your app from the stores.
Splash Screen: Have an intro image appear for a few seconds while your app loads.