Owning a mobile app is great way to start a small business, meet new people and aid your community whilst having fun, working on your own time and making money.   Having your own business has its ups and downs but in the end, you get as good as you give.  Here is a list of ideas that can be a great source of income if done right.  Doing it right means perseverance and giving your mobile app business the appropriate time and attention it deserves in order to become your little money making machine. 

Step One: Decisions! Decisions!
Decide what type of mobile money making machine you want: Some ideas here.

Step Two: Taking Action
Contact JustApps.mobi to setup your website, business app and admin page. 

Step Three:  Creation
Build your mobile app.  We suggest that you experiment with the pages and features as our platform is very flexible and offers endless possibilities for layout, structure and design.  We have lots of tutorials, videos and online help to assist you with building your mobile app, though you really won’t need them.  Once you’re done, your mobile app needs to be submitted to the stores.  We can assist you with this step. 

Step Four:  Foundation
Adding your content is easy.  You just log into the admin page of your website and add the content using the Content Management System available.  It will appear on both your website and your mobile app.  You can create multiple mobile apps that read from your website. 

There are multiple ways to get your data.  You can have a mobile app that is mostly user generated content.  Your users submit in their info such as stories, recipes, articles, pictures, business information or whatever.  You filter out what you want to show on your app and what not.

Another way to fill content and get the word out is by hitting the sales world yourself.  No one knows your business like you do.  People like interacting with other people.  To get your mobile app know and active handle your own sales and go meet new clients.  You get to know your clients one by one and create a connection.  Encourage them to download your app and tell their friends.  Word gets out more quickly than you think.  You can start with free listings at first and then upgrade.  Who knows, maybe you decide to keep the listings for free and just sell adverts. 

A third way to gather information is through the internet.  There are lots of interesting hubs of fresh information, just make sure you have the rights to use the content. 

Step Five: Getting Noticed
You can have the most amazing business mobile app in the world, but if you do not market it, people will not know you exist.   Here are a few simple and cost effective ways to start up your marketing plan:

  1. Twitter and other social media platforms.
    There are endless articles and courses online that can aid and assist you in this area.
  2. Newspaper classifieds.
  3. Don’t overlook free internet classifieds
  4. Place a poster in all locations that register with you.
  5. Pass out fliers.
  6. Word of mouth
  7. Give something for free


Step Six: Monetizing
Here are six typical ways to make money from your business mobile app.

  1. Mobile shopping
  2. Sell adverts
  3. Sell listings
  4. Sell push notifications
  5. Sell promotional header scroll
  6. Charge users to download from stores

Your directory will only be as good as you make it.  The more time and effort you give it, the more it will give you in return.